CBD Oil for Pets: What to Know

CBD Oil for Pets: What to Know

CBD for Pets - CBD for Dogs
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CBD Oil For Pets: What To Know

We are finding more and more about the effectiveness of CBD on ourselves, but some wonder if it can also help their pets as well. Good news, research into CBD oil for pets is moving ahead just as human research progresses and studies have found similar effects in animals that share the same endocannbinoid system as humans.

The changing legal landscape on cannabis is allowing research that has led to the development of various CBD products for medical use. To jog your memory, let us distinguish between CBD and THC. CBD is non-psychoactive compound with medicinal value. In humans, CBD is believed to alleviate different health issues that range from chronic pain to digestion problems. CBD oil for pets such as cats, dogs, and horses have shown similar promise as it has in human studies.

On the contrary, THC is psychoactive and is mostly beneficial for recreational use. Nevertheless, the findings of recent studies indicate that the medical benefits of CBD are also enjoyed by pets. Many pet owners are now using different CBD products to improve the health and the quality of life for their four-legged friends.

For example, if your lovely pet is suffering from conditions such as nausea, sensitive skin, allergies, and joint inflammation. CBD oil or other CBD products for pets may be helpful. CBD oil for pets work because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in pets the way it does in humans. Read on to find out more about the benefits and the risk of giving CBD oil to pets.

CBD Oil for Dogs 

In dogs, CBD oil has been found effective in dealing with conditions like seizures, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, arthritis, stress, and symptoms of cancer. Dogs experience a sense of relief quickly; the cannabinoids in marijuana come into contact with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is made of a series of receptors that cover the entire body. These receptors are responsible for how the body processes feelings of anxiety, pain and nausea.

The main advantage of CBD oil in treating pets is that it doesn’t have serious side effects if administered correctly. CBD oils don’t damage organs like the liver, kidney or the digestive system. Moreover, it doesn’t make dogs feel high or sedated.

CBD Oil for Cats

Studies on the efficacy of CBD oil to alleviate medical conditions in cats is scarce. The available anecdotal evidence shows that CBD oils are safe for cats. However, the effectiveness of CBD oils in treating specific conditions in cats has not been established. Therefore, it advisable to only use CBD oils under the supervision of a veterinary officer.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

One of the key health benefits of CBD oil is its ability to lower anxiety, which is proven by several studies. For instance, a study done in 2010 found that CBD oil significantly reduced anxiety in subjects. The decrease in anxiety was correlated to changes in blood flow in the paralimbic and limbic regions of the brain.

Another recent study done in 2019 that used 79 subjects found that 57 i.e. 79.2% of the subject reported lower levels of anxiety after treatment with CBD oils. Several other studies done with lab animals have reported similar findings. Dogs and humans react to anxiety differently. For instance, in dogs, anxiety may manifest as phobia whereby the dog fears loud noises or riding in cars.

Some dogs may show anxiety through aggressive behavior because of poor socialization or traumatic experiences as a puppy. Traumatic experiences in puppyhood may manifest in the form of an insecure dog that will pounce on other dogs on sight.

Anxiety in dogs may also cause many common behavioral problems that most dog owners complain about like separation anxiety. Studies on the calming effect of CBD on anxious pets are not as many as done with humans. Nevertheless, more and more trainers, vets and pet owners are using CBD oil for pets to calm down troubled furry friends.

The Potential Risk for Pets

CBD oil just like other medications can be harmful if taken in excess. The most common negative side effect for pets is THC toxicity, which basically means that the pet is high. The time it takes the high to subside depends on how high the dose was. Some pets may fail to stand or eat during THC toxicity. If your pets show extreme symptoms, then consider taking it to the vet.

Cases of pets like dogs experiencing life threatening symptoms after taking CBD oils are extremely rare. The reason is that CBD oils for pets contain extremely low levels of THC that is responsible for the toxification. Most CBD oils contain a maximum of 0.3%, which is too low to cause toxification. Even though deaths caused by overdoses of marijuana in dogs are rare, it is important to take precautions to prevent overdoses.

How Is CBD Administered to Pets?

In most cases, CBD oil is administered orally to pets like dogs. In some cases, it is used in conjunction with traditional treatments and medicines. Colorado Care By Design offers a CBD Oil that can be taken straight from the dropper or added to food and comes in two flavors your pets will love, Bacon and Salmon.

Pet owners interested in using CBD oils to sooth their pets are advised to start with low doses first. CBD is non-psychoactive, non-toxic compound, which means it doesn’t cause any serious effect if your dog takes too much. Nevertheless, CBD can induce sedative-like effects in dogs, especially if a high dose is administered. Rare cases of CBD causing diarrhea in some dogs have been reported.

Starting with small doses makes sure that the body gets used to the CBD supplement and gives you time to observe how CBD affects your pet. However, the question remains “how can you tell the right dose for your pet?” The best way to do it is to calculate the dosage using your pets body weight.

Where Can Pet Owners Get CBD Products for Their Pet?

The likelihood of getting CBD oil for your pet depends on your geographical location and states laws on CBD. However, CBD has been federally since the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 or “Farm Bill”, CBD derived from hemp and contains no more than 0.3% THC was deemed legal.

Colorado Care By Design is happy to say that we ship to all 50 states.mostly

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